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Submitted: 29th Jan 2011

Submitted: 17th Nov 2017

Submitted: 17th Nov 2017

Submitted: 6th Nov 2017

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To draw:

Click and move the mouse to draw, click on the colour selector to choose a colour and choose between using the pen or brush. Enter a number between 1 & 99 to change the brush size. You can only draw in the black void where a planet should be.

To blur your image:

Enter a number between 1 & 9 to change the amount of blur applied to the image. If you don't want to blur your image set it to 0.

To start over:

Click on the eraser to delete everything so you can start again.

When finished:

Click on the submit button to add your planet to the gallery. Enter details about your planet such as its name, who has drawn it, your age, what life on the planet would be like for the inhabitants etc... Click the second submit button to confirm your submission, please be patient as it can take a while to save your planet. After your planet is saved you will be redirected to the gallery page.

Number of planets drawn so far: 1,825

Number of inhabitants if each of these planets had as many inhabitants as Earth: 13,505 billion